New membership option

When the European Glut1 Organisation was first set up, a variety of options for membership were discussed in some detail and eventually a 2 option model was decided on that provided for 2 types of membership:

Non Profit Organisation
Non profit Organisation Members are all organisations, associations or other entities who adhere to European Glut1 Deficiency Organisation, and share its purposes
Natural Person
Natural Person Member have so far been admitted only in countries where there is no non profit organization or other entities that are already associated with European Glut1 Deficiency Organisation.

However, it has since become clear that there are cases where the national organisation cannot or does not wish to join, but individuals in that country would like to become more involved. Taking this into account, a change to the statute was made at the General Meeting in July to open Natural Person Membership to anyone who is not a members of a non profit organization, association or other entities that are already associated with G1D Europe.

We hope that many of you will take this opportunity to join forces with us for and make an active contribution to promoting the interests of Glut1 patients across Europe.

You can join here.